Writing in the March number of the FOR of Western Washington publication Pacific Call, Marion Ward briefly described anti-drone activism in the Pacific Northwest.[1] ...


By Marion Ward

Pacific Call

March 2013
Page 2

An interested group of people from Washington and Oregon met in Olympia on Feb. 23rd to discuss drone/robotic warfare and implications for the future.  There are a lot of activities happening throughout the country and there were discussions about what might be done in the Northwest in conjunction with national efforts.  National days of action are planned for April 4-7 (drone manufacturers), April 16-18 (drone research), and April 27-28 (drone bases).  Up-to-date information on national efforts can be found at www.knowdrones.org and www.droneswatch.org

Both Oregon and Washington have bills regulating drones pending in their respective legislatures.  Hearings have already been held in committees in Washington.  The four largest universities in Washington and Oregon all have military contracts for drone/robotic research and Boeing is a major drone manufacturing presence in Bingen, WA.  Boeing's wholly-owned subsidiary, Insitu, is manufacturing surveillance drones for the military.  It is unclear to what extent Fort Lewis and the Yakima Training Grounds are providing training and/or testing drones.  Plans are underway for protest actions in Seattle and Portland but as we go to press, dates have not yet been announced.  If you wish to be on the regional list serve for information and communication, please contact Marion Ward: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..