D.C. Douglas, also known as Lance Baxter, took political humor into new territory in a five-minute video response to FOX News's outing of his "drunk-dial" call to Freedom Works, a conservative non-profit that trains activists and organizes fake "grassroots" activism.[1,2]    --  BACKGROUND: D.C. Douglas, 44, is a character actor and voice actor born in Berkeley who now lives in Los Angeles....



May 16, 2010



[Press release from D.C. Douglas]



After several weeks of reflection, voice over artist and on-camera actor D.C. Douglas has produced a public service announcement for other FreedomWorks and Tea Party critics who might be tempted to follow in his footsteps.  Mr. Douglas says, “What I did may have been entertaining, but it was also impetuous and not well thought out.  If I were to make that call today, I would use a more diaphragm-supported voice and ask very different questions.”

Mr. Douglas quickly assembled a cast of respected Los Angeles actors and close friends on May 12th and produced a provocative and hopeful five minute PSA.  “I thought it was important to clear the air with Matt Kibbe and FreedomWorks as soon as possible and to prevent The Huffington Post readers and other liberals from crossing Matt Kibbe’s line in the sand.”  On a personal note, Mr. Douglas admits to being fond of FreedomWorks president, Matt Kibbe.  “I think Matt and I could’ve been good friends, had he not hooked up with Dick Armey, Koch Industries, and the GOP.  I think we have a similar sense of humor and share a penchant for Buddy Holly glasses,” admits Mr. Douglas.

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The events received media attention that was swift and, according to Mr. Douglas,  “. . . about 75% erroneous, including what I actually did for GEICO, my name, the timeline of events and the reason anyone even knew about it in the first place!”  Mr. Douglas issued two additional press releases correcting these errors, but “. . . no one seemed to be interested in the facts.  That’s when I started to think about what I had done.  And then it hit me, I needed to apologize to FreedomWorks for asking reckless and vague questions.  That’s how this PSA was born.”

Mr. Douglas hopes people will take his message to heart and be inspired to pass his PSA around the internet so that he can reach as many FreedomWorks critics and anti-Tea Party people as he can.  “FreedomWorks and all their angry callers and emailers made their point.  They changed me.  And now I hope I can inspire others like me to take a much more open-mined look at FreedomWorks and the Tea Party.  If I can save just one person from doing what I did, then I will feel it was all worth it.”