In his inimitable way, Jon Stewart cut this week to the heart of the debate in the Obama administration over whether to prosecute U.S. officials guilty of violating U.S. and international law forbidding torture.  --  "This is our conundrum," Stewart said, after invoking the post-WWII Japanese war crimes trials) conducted by the United States government in 1946-1951 that led to 920 executions from among the more than 5,700 individuals indicted.[1]  --  "Do we prosecute government officials for sanctioning the techniques our enemies had once used on us that we deemed brutally immoral, or acknowledge the breaking of laws but give our officials a temporary insanity defense for what were probably good faith attempts to protect a scared-***less population — and while we're at it, belatedly apologize to the Japanese guys that we killed."  --  "Is there an E-card for that, by the way?  Actually, I think there is.  It's a cat in a cowboy hat dancing very slowly. . . ."


By Jon Stewart

The Daily Show
April 23, 2009

Skewer: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on White House tortured logic.