According to the web site Boing Boing ("a directory of wonderful things"), the "Washington" web page of the New York Times struck briefly an astonishing, if appropriate, note in the aftermath of the House's 246-182 vote against the administration's Iraq war escalation.[1]  --  Was it an accident?  --  Bill Keller isn't saying.  --  Check it out at the link below....


By Xeni Jardin

Boing Boing
February 17, 2007

Serial internet music developer Rob Lord says, "Here's an actual screenshot from the New York Times website tonight. A divided Congress? More like a SLAYER Congress."

JPEG link of full screengrab.

Ah, but if Congress only had half as much of a pulse as this photo suggests. The Times has corrected the mixup, and in this photo's place, you'll now see a shot of Speaker Nancy Pelosi waving what might just be the corna handsign at fellow heshers. You'll find the Slayer story here.