Rap News is back with Episode 10, focusing on prospects for 2012 and concluding with a guest appearance by Noam Chomsky.[1] ...


RAP NEWS X -- #Occupy2012 (feat. Noam Chomsky & Anonymous)

December 21, 2011


RAP NEWS episode 10:

The year we've all been waiting for -- 2012AD (or, if you ask a Mayan) -- is finally here. 

What will happen?  Will we see the poles shift or a paradigm shift?  Will a rogue Sumerian planet smash into our solar system, plunging us into serfdom under the iron fist of a race of gold-hungry aliens?  Or are the aliens already here? 

Or are all these merely humanity's collective projections of itself as it careens towards an ever-accelerating super-connected cyber-reality -- whatever that means... 

One thing's sure, if 2011 was a prelude of things to come, 2012 is going to be one hell of a year.  Now that it has arrived, are we ready? 

Join your host Robert Foster and his guests, Terrence Moonseed and General Baxter, as they conduct an in-depth rap analysis into the future, and humanity's place in it.  Happy New YEAR!