Responding to Olympia PMR's effort to "contain" war matériel deposited at the Port of Olympia by the USNS Brittin, Olympia police on the morning of Sat., Nov. 10, engaged in an excessive use of pepper spray, a five-minute Tacoma SDS video posted on YouTube shows.[1] ...



Tacoma SDS/YouTube
November 10, 2007

About 70 Stryker vehicles remain contained by PMR at the Port of Olympia, as of 8pm Nov. 10th.

The Port of Olympia Statement:

"We oppose Olympia's complicity in a war whose disastrous effects have been felt worldwide and we will actively resist the use of Olympia's port to further that war. . . . Through nonviolent actions we intend to stop the Port of Olympia from becoming a revolving door of military machinery furthering illegal war. This war has taken the lives of 3,845 U.S. soldiers, over one million Iraqis, and has displaced millions more. These weapons are returning to be repaired and refitted for further combat. We see this as a continuation of the war despite our nation's and the Iraqi people's overwhelming opposition to the war."