On Tuesday, Truthout posted at the link below Lt. Ehren Watada's address on Sat., Aug. 12, 2006, to the Veterans for Peace convention in Seattle, WA.  --  NOTE:  IF YOU CAN, please attend the rally in support of Lt. Watada on the day before his Article 32 (pretrial) hearing.  --  The rally will be held on Wed., Aug. 16, at the bridge over I-5 at Exit 119, near Fort Lewis.  --  UFPPC will join many other supporters in beginning to gather at 4:00 p.m.; a rally will be held about 6:00 p.m.  --  As large a turnout as possible is important to demonstrate support for Lt. Watada's stand for the rule of law, for the U.S. Constitution, for democracy, and against an unjust, immoral, and illegal war....


Lt. Ehren Watada's Speech:


Veterans for Peace Convention
August 12, 2006

A Film by Sari Gelzer


In Seattle at the Veterans for Peace Convention, Lt. Ehren Watada, the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse deployment to Iraq, spoke about what he calls a "change of strategy" for the peace movement.  Watada said:  "Today, I speak with you about a radical idea. . . . The idea is this: that to stop an illegal and unjust war, the soldiers can choose to stop fighting it."  He received overwhelming support from the crowd, and members of Iraq Veterans Against the War lined the stage in solidarity.  His speech came five days before his August 17 pre-trial hearing for refusing deployment to Iraq.