On March 31, former UNSCOM weapons inspector Scott Ritter spoke with Phoenix’s Charles Goyette (the broadcaster whose contract Clear Channel chose not to renew because of Goyette's anti-Iraq war stance) about U.S. plans to attack Iran in June; the Air America interview is available as an .mp3 file at the link below.  --  Ritter first made this claim public on Feb. 18 at an event in Olympia, WA, and elaborated it last week in an article published by Al Jazeera.  --  In addition to repeating earlier assertions in the Mar. 31 interview, Ritter says that U.S. aircraft carrier group movements and air wing rotations have been coordinated to overlap in June so as to place the needed U.S. air and naval forces in position near Iran in June 2005.  --  Ritter again reproaches the U.S. media for failing to ask the president directly whether he has ordered the preparation of plans to attack Iran.  --  On other subjects, the former marine expresses pessimism about the political evolution of Iraq, saying that he regards civil war in Iraq as an inevitability.  --  Ritter dismisses the new report issued this week on intelligence investigation as a whitewash, and, in response to a listener’s questions, discounts the petrodollar theory of the Iraq war as a significant factor in bringing about the Iraq war. -- Ritter’s interview with Charles Goyette lasts about 20 minutes....


** An interview with Scott Ritter **

April 2, 2005


Scott Ritter discusses Bush's plan to be ready for war on Iran by June, 2005 on Air America with Charles Goyette. Interview conducted Mar. 31, 2005.

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--Scott Ritter is the former U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector in Iraq, 1991-1998, and author of Frontier Justice: Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Bushwhacking of America.