"We Did Nothing; Why the truth doesn't always come out when the U.N. goes in" - by Linda Polman
Here's a review of this book:
A friend of mine from the United Kingdom gave me this book to read last summer. She had been in Bosnia during the war with a citizens commission that was investigating the genocide that was going on at the time. It is her contention that the world must through some agency be empowered to intervene on behalf of humanity when outrages are being carried out (which they almost always are).
This book is written by a journalist who was in Somalia, Haiti, and Rwanda while they were in their deepest trouble. Her description of just a day in Rwanda will tear at your heart strings, and with any luck, you'll be ready to send your own check to the U.N. The book is very anecdotal, an easy read.

Fear's Empire:† War, Terrorism, and Democracy in an Age of Interdependence - by Benjamin Barber
†††† This is actually the book that Barber was promoting when I heard him speak.† This is his latest.

"The Great Unraveling; Losing Our Way In The New Century" by Paul Krugman, Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times.†
†††† I heard Paul Krugman interviewed on Weekday on Seattle's KUOW radio.† I was a chorus of, "Oh yeah!† That's the way it is brother!† Oh, yeah!† Right on dude!" while listening to this man.† Here's some quotes from the back of the book:
"Paul Krugman makes the case, unrestrained by deference, that a revolutionary right-wing movement is out to transform the United States--and is succeeding, rolling over a supine press and political opposition." - Anthony Lewis

"You need to read this book, and when you do, you'll find there's only one possible response:† it's time to get mad, formost of the media are in denial about how far the takeover of this country by the radical right as already progressed." - Molly Ivins