A 10-part ACLU series called "The ACLU Freedom Files," telling the stories of real incidents in which civil liberties have been threatened and defended, is now available on the web.[1]  --  Episodes focus on these issues: 1) Religions freedom; 2) Voting rights; 3) Gay & lesbian rights; 4) Women's rights; 5) Youth speak; 6) Drug wars; 7) Beyond the Patriot Act; 8) The Supreme Court; 9) Dissent; 10) Racial profiling.  --  Thanks to Joe Thompson for sending this....



** A 10-part series **


The American Civil Liberties Union and Robert Greenwald ("Outfoxed," "Unconstitutional") present "The ACLU Freedom Files," a revolutionary, 10-part series that tells the stories of real people in America whose civil liberties have been threatened, and how they fought back.

This dynamic new series, produced and directed by Emmy Award winner Jeremy Kagan, combines interviews, documentary footage, comedy, drama, music, and animation to engage viewers and alert them about critical civil rights issues ranging from free speech to religious freedom. The programs are reaching millions of viewers on cable network Court TV and satellite network Link TV, campus network Zilo TV, DVD's, and new media such as blogs, podcasts, and streaming video.

Become part of the movement to protect civil liberties! Join the Freedom Files Producers Club and get a free DVD: All you have to do is organize a screening in your community or spread the word via email or the Web.