Below are links to two .pdf files.[1]  --  They can be printed as two flyers (or, front-and-back, as one leaflet) explaining the essentials of the case of Lt. Watada.  --  On Jun. 22, 2006, U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada refused to deploy to Iraq.  --  Why?  --  Because he is convinced that the order to do so was an unlawful order.  --  Lt. Watada believes that the war on Iraq and the occupation of Iraq are illegal under U.S. law.  --  It's important to disseminate this information as widely as possible.  --  The mainstream media are (1) classing the Watada case as local news (with rare exceptions, Lt. Watada's name has not even been mentioned in most major U.S. dailies outside the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii), and (2) failing to convey the information needed by the public to evaluate the claim that the Iraq war is illegal under U.S. law.  --  Once this information is understood, Lt. Ehren Watada will be seen to be fulling with honor and integrity his oath as an officer in the United States military.  --  Rather than disobeying the law, Ehren Watada will be seen to be upholding the law, placing his very life on the line.  --  Lt. Watada is, in fact, acting in the name of the rule of law itself. -- Americans believe in the rule of law.  --  When they understand his actions, they will support Lt. Watada an exemplary American.  --  But your help is needed to get the message out.  --  UFPPC will continue to be involved in the national campaign of mobilization, education, and public pressure being organized around Lt. Watada's case, working to spread Lt. Watada's message that the time has come for Americans to stand up and sacrifice something in the name of preserving the U.S. Constitution and American democracy and helping to channel public energies needed to bring the United States back to its core values....



UFPPC flyer


United for Peace of Pierce County
June 29, 2006



The case of Lt. Ehren K. Watada is not receiving the coverage it deserves in U.S. mainstream newspapers (with one exception: the Seattle Post-Intelligencer).

But by helping distribute and post these flyers (or printed front-and-back, this leaflet), you can help do something about it.

The American public needs to receive this information in order to understand why Lt. Ehren Watada refused to deploy to Iraq on Jun. 22, 2006. At present, people are unable to judge his action, because they have not been informed about it.

By posting these flyers, or by printing them front and back and distributing them as a leaflet, you can take action to help Americans understand why, in act of signal courage and with enormous risk to himself, this officer of honor and integrity was fulfilling his oath of office as a commissioned officer in the United States armed forces when he refused to obey the order to join a Stryker brigade heading for Mosul, Iraq.

Lt. Watada's principled action deserves your support. His ideas are in accord with America's highest ideals. He needs your help; America needs your help.

The following links to .pdf files should be printed on 8-1/2" x 14" sheets. Printed front-and-back and folded once, they make a fine leaflet. Or each can be printed separately and posted.