On Aug. 29, 2011, Emmanuel Kelly caused a sensation on the Australian TV reality music competition "The X Factor" when he gave a compelling performance of John Lennon's "Imagine."[1]  --  One of the judges, the Irish singer Ronan Keating, said: "I don't think I've ever, ever been moved as much as I was by that performance."  --  One of the YouTube postings of the video has already had more than 2 million hits....



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September 11, 2011



Emmanuel Kelly, a victim of warfare and a survivor from Iraq, doesn't know how old he is but has managed to become a wonderful singer.  Here, thanks to Channel 7, is his performance on "The X Factor."

Iraq has suffered more than 300 9/11s with more than 1 million people killed since the U.S. invasion.  That is almost the equivalent of one 9/11/ size calamity of suffering each week for the last 8 years, courtesy of the USA.

An moment of relief from the pity fest and rampant propaganda poising our minds and air waves today September 11, 2011.