Three and a half years ago, a blogger who calls himself The Vidiot and gets along in life by "working a stupid job and living in Brooklyn" complained that "Money talks and we don’t have money and they do.  We are muted by our lack of financial resources.  We are nothing.  We are proles.  They don’t listen to us.  They never have and they never will.  THAT is the reality."  --  And this was before the Great Financial Crisis!  --  What must he be thinking now? ...



By The Vidiot

December 19, 2011

The reason my posting has been more than a little frivolous of late is because I just have a bad case of rhetoric fatigue.  From the Senate voting to giving Bush all the money he needs to run his war (way to go team opposition!), to Congress wasting their time holding hearings on steroids (when they SHOULD be holding impeachment proceedings), to a huge defense industry corporation, Carlyle, purchasing a rare and valuable copy of the Magna Carta (tell me that’s not ironic) to, oh, whatever else you can possibly think of.  My head just spins from the constant barrage of bad news, stupid news, false news, lies, bleating, bloviating, coercive, misleading, and manipulative rhetoric that passes for information in this age of over stimulation.

That is, of course, the point of all the rhetoric.  To fatigue the population so that they forget from one day to the next what the previous day’s atrocities were.  It’s true.  They know that the more they lie, the more they just say anything, the sheer quantity of information being spewed will effectively numb the populace, disarm them, and weaken their resolve to fight back.  If you’re being attacked on all sides, you can’t defend yourself.  It’s no wonder people escape into their iPod or Wii or WOW or Second Life or whatever else they can do to fill the void that the destruction of their humanity has left.  I’m this close to withdrawing myself.

How much longer can I go on having insipid conversations about what candidate is saying what, which candidate’s politically nuanced stance is better than some other candidate’s politically nuanced stance, which party is evil and which party is not?  When the reality is 99.9% of our politicians are bought and paid for by special interests.  Money talks and we don’t have money and they do.  We are muted by our lack of financial resources.  We are nothing.  We are proles.  They don’t listen to us.  They never have and they never will.  THAT is the reality.

Don't call me cynical.  I’m not.  I’m a realist, a pragmatist.  How many times do you trust someone to do the right thing and EVERY SINGLE TIME they don’t?  If that were a friend of yours, you’d ditch that friend.  If it were a relative, you’d try to get them some help or at the very least, ignore them.  Yet, as a country, we insist on continually expecting our selected officials to do the right thing, yet THEY NEVER DO.  EVER.  From either side of the imaginary aisle, they screw this country.  They screw the proles.  And they don’t care.  Yet as a country, we keep expecting them to do otherwise.  Isn’t that one of the definitions of insanity?  To keep doing the same thing over and over yet expect different results?

Remember how when Orwell’s 1984 came out, and everyone was, "Oh well, that could never happen.  That’s just too much"? and well, it’s exactly what has happened?  Watch the movie “Idiocracy.”  I think that is just as prescient.  With each passing generation, the ability to think critically and clearly is being crippled and erased.  The time to fix this is now.  Or soon, it will be too late.

I know, I know.  Yet another blog post by a stupid blogger that is all “woe is the state of the world” with no thoughts on how to make it better.  Just bitching and moaning.  A typical whiny blogger I am.  Sorry about that.  If I could come up with something constructive, I wouldn’t be working a stupid job and living in Brooklyn.  But I don’t feel so bad.  Marx saw that capitalism sucked, but even he couldn’t come up with an alternative.  And he was brilliant.