Some advice about what to do about the possible return of the draft, and where to get more information...

Besides recruiting in US high schools and even in Canada's tribal areas ("Hi unimportant neighbor, come fight for 'W' to have more money and we'll give you a tiny bit of money and ruin your life."), the military is also recalling a lot of folks who had thought they had left the service. Not meeting with wildly successful results, the Selective Service (draft board) has definitely reared itself up from a dusty corner, and is steadily creaking into operation again. Boys of the right (or, I mean, wrong) age, beware.

Regardless if this is speculation, here's information I hope will be made to anyone of draft age or nearing it:

In Tacoma, Washington, we have "Conscientious Objector Counseling" available by phone (253) 531-7742 and by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This is a free service to objectors of war.

Their suggestions:


* Write a certified letter to your Congress Person notifying them that you object to all wars based on deeply held philosophic and or/religious principles.

* Get 5 letters of substantiation sent to you confirming your decision (from your parents or other close relatives, a teacher, a religious leader, your doctor or alternative health care practitioner, and legal counsel) that you are a conscientious objector to war. Each letter should be postmarked.