Chris Pringer of Seattle sent the following remarks to senators, representatives, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer this week.  --  "It's time to act," says Pringer.  --  As Arundhati Roy has written, the current crisis is "about a superpower’s self-destructive impulse toward supremacy, stranglehold, global hegemony," and only the American people have the capacity to do something about it:  "The fact is that the only institution in the world today that is more powerful than the American government is American civil society" (An Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire [Cambridge, MA: South End Press, 2004], pp. 34, 37).  --  The next UFPPC meeting is this evening, Thurs., Nov. 3, 7-9pm, at First United Methodist, 423 MLK Jr. Way, Tacoma.

By Chris Pringer

I am aware that much of the world sees us as bullies -- and NOT as police.

Americans ARE “GOOD PEOPLE,” so . . . why do we we allow * l i e s * to so influence our kids to kill and be killed ?

How many dead in Iraq does it take to create deadly Iraqi terrorists here?

Why not first police “The World’s Police,” the LIES, the profits, and the murders. And then there's the torture law extending from all that now. The message of Bush's Leadership in foreign relations would seem to be, "Cry & I'll Give You Something To Cry About."

Denial is NOT Patriotic.

If all this doesn't break your heart, then your moral measure's fallen apart.

It's time to act. Thank you for listening.

Chris Pringer

--Chris Pringer is the creator of the web site Machievangelicals Exposed, one of the 108 sites featured on UFPPC links.