In this short video, Paula Flowe, Director of The Hitting Stops Here! calls for a national response protesting remarks made by President Barack Obama on Jul. 16, 2009, in his address to the NAACP condoning "whupping" children in the neighborhood as a form of community.  --  The harm caused by corporal punishment is now well-known and more and more states are banning any use of corporal punishment, and it is disappointing and distressing that a president widely regarded as enlightened encouraged the practice as a way of "strengthening community." ...


By Paula Flowe

YouTube/The Hitting Stops Here!
July 16, 2009




To: Responsible Caring Adults and Youths--

On July 16, 2009, President Barack Obama condoned abusive and violent behavior, targeted at our Black Community of Childlren, while giving a speech at an NAACP event, held in New York. Please read the entire speech by going to the Home page of our website,

He openly gave the "Black Community," particularly, "the firm believers of beating our children sector" of the Black Community, the big "Okay" on beating their children and any others that they "get their hands on" in their community.

Black Men and Women, our little precious, more poor and disadvantaged, brothers and sisters are already catching so much abuse in the worse way in their communities. They are also "getting it" in our U.S. schools. The August 20, 2008, ACLU report has documented that black boys are primary targets along with our little sisters for this form of punishment in the top most racist states in America. And now, this "sector" of our Black Community has just received the approval from our well-respected President, the highest level of approval that they could possibly wish to receive, for perpetuating this "backward" and destructive behavior toward our children.

This is a most disgraceful insult to the entire Black American Community and MUST NOT GO UNNOTICED!

If our president had said these words about a Community of children that "really mattered" to America, it would be all over the front page of every newspaper and on CNN. He'd be eaten alive.

These children ARE important because ALL children are important.

The offspring of those who beat our ancestors on the plantations, are beating our children in our schools.

The Black children who are being beaten in our schools today, are the descendants of those who were beaten enough for all generations to come. Let us not forget that.

Never again should our Black race be subjected to any further beatings, particularly those condoned by our government.

Surely, Mr. Obama was coerced into making such destructive and backward statements regarding the means for strengthening our Community. We know that the president is as vulnerable as any other celebrity, and all the more because he is black, and even more so, because he is a Black President.

God bless Obama for taking on this challenge of being President in a land still reeking with politics and prejudice. A nation whose government is yet to embrace the black race wholeheartedly.

I commend Barack in every way. President Obama, stay strong, my Brother.

Nevertheless, our Black Community, especially our children, need you to rescind your words and to tell our Black Community and the entire nation the truth about what makes strong communities. We know that you know this information by the presentation of your very own fine family.

Then we need you to immediately BAN the practice of beating our school children in ALL U.S. schools and its territories, as well as every other harmful and fatal practice that is taking place in our American schools. Parents in Tennessee, the birthplace of the KKK and the "place of death" of our great fallen leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, say that, "...they beat black boys there just for the fun of it!"

Americans, please flood our wonderful President with your support. He cannot do it without our help, especially now. Please participate in the work that it will take to have our children, black children, and white children, poor children and those with special needs, protected by our U.S. Constitution.

Please visit our website and click on "Help Support Our Work." Our "Message Board" has information there too, on how you can help to close this dark chapter of our American history, at last.

If we have enough Responsible Caring adults and youths helping with this cause, we will truly be able to say, "Yes we did!" by the START of school year, fall 2009.

Thank you and God bless.

Paula Flowe, Director
The Hitting Stops Here!