The first photoessay by Al McCleese on the Northwest Detention Center has been of so much interest to the powers that be that he has generously produced a second one on the same subject.[1]  --  If only local authorities and the local media would take an interest....


By Al McCleese

July 1, 2007

Connections, we all use them. Some are just better connected than others.

My essay has been very popular with well connected corporations. The GEO Group (Wackenhut), Fresh Del Monte Produce, Army bases with security run by Wackenhut, the law firm Latham & Watkins, ICE HQ in DC, an oil/natural gas company with Enron connections, and a large produce grower in California have all been enjoying my photos.

Some way more than others. A select few contacted each other, then came in succession to look at my photos.

I hope this means I am in contention for a high-level Bush Administration career.

Connections . . .