This video, offered as a Memorial Day greeting from Iraq Veterans Against the War, features IVAW member performing "Operation First Casualty," an exercise in street theater filmed in Manhattan on Monday and shown here accompanied by the music of David Rovics.[1]  --  The video is yet another reaction to the failure of the Democratic Party's decision to capitulate to the White House and to fund the Iraq occupation unconditionally, and to ignore its electoral mandate to bring the Iraq war to an end.  --  Adam Kokesh of IVAW has the last word.  --  The Marine Corps veteran says:  "By Bush logic, 'support the troops' means to fund the mission.  But the more the troops are funded, the more of them are going to die.  Bush wants to send those who have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution to the other side of the world to die in a futile occupation.  Only by Bush logic does this constitute suppport.  When we say bring our brothers and sisters still in Iraq home now, who are we talking to?  The electorate said it last November.  But we have yet to see any results.  We are the weapons of this democracy, ruled by the people.  But our democracy has failed us.  It is time for the people to end this war." ...



May 29, 2007

Filmed in Manhattan; featuring Iraq Veterans Against the War during Operation First Casualty to the music of David Rovics.