This is an appeal from Just Foreign Policy to call your senators TODAY to urge them to vote for the amendment proposed by Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) to require the president to get congressional authorization before launching an unprovoked attack against Iran.[1] ...


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** The Senate is going to vote on an important amendment as early as today that would prevent the President from launching a new war on his own say-so.  —  Call both your Senators and ask them to support attaching Senator Jim Webb's Iran amendment to the "supplemental appropriations" bill. Also ask them to support a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq.  —  Call 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Senators' office. **

Just Foreign Policy
March 27, 2007

Dear Supporter of a Just Foreign Policy

Today is an important day of action on Iraq and to prevent war with Iran. If your Senators have not heard from you before on this issue -- and even if they have -- it is crucial that they get a phone call from you today.

Sometime this week, perhaps as early as today, the Senate is going to vote on an amendment that would prevent President Bush from attacking Iran on his own say-so, without a public debate. The amendment is based on legislation (S. 759) introduced by Senator Jim Webb, which many of you wrote your Senators to support. It would require the President to get Congressional authorization before launching an unprovoked attack against Iran.

Senator Webb is trying to attach his amendment to a large war spending -- or "supplemental appropriations" -- bill now moving through Congress. Many, including us, have objected to more money for war in Iraq. But this spending looks likely to be approved. The Senate can attach two important conditions: one naming a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq and another designed to prevent war with Iran.

Please call both of your Senators TODAY. You can reach them by calling 202-224-3121 and asking for one of the Senators from your state. (You can look up your Senators' names and direct phone numbers here.)

Call the switchboard at 202-224-3121. When the Senator's staff person answers, request that the Senator vote "yes" on Senator Jim Webb's Iran amendment and in favor of a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq.

Tell them your hometown and that you are a constituent. If you would like, let them know why you personally oppose a continued war in Iraq and a new war with Iran. You can also ask the staff person if he or she knows how the Senator plans to vote on this amendment. And remember that being polite is almost always more effective.

If you have a moment after the call to let us know how it went and what they said, it gives us valuable information to use when talking to your Senators in the future. You can report back here.

Thanks for all you do for a just foreign policy,

Robert Naiman, Patrick McElwee, and Chelsea Mozen
Just Foreign Policy

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