Michelle Malkin's distorted, vicious column on the Port of Tacoma Stryker protest, which is being circulated on right-wing blogs and in a few mainstream newspapers, shows that the protest on the Port of Tacoma is perceived as an important one on the right.  --  Her column, whose arguments we have analyzed and refuted, was further envenomed Friday by the Kansas City Star when it titled its reprint "Our Troops Face Enemy Even Before Leaving U.S."  --  This is a pathetic, contemptible attempt to pit troops and their so-called "supporters" (who are all to ready to send our young men and women off to a doomed, dehumanizing, and illegal year of service in an utterly alien culture in a land laced with toxic chemicals and depleted uranium, where their presence is ardently detested by the vast majority of the people they are supposedly being sent to protect) against those who would like to spare them that futile, and for many permanently disabling or fatal, experience.  --  What's more, that's not how the troops see it at all.  --  The attempt to oppose "our troops" and protesters is belied by the fact that on the very first night of the protests, one of the soldiers posted a message of appreciation to the web site of one of the groups involved.[1]  --  "We were told to expect protesters and frankly, I was glad you were there," he said, writing under the Kafkaesque pseudonym "K." ...



By K

Tacoma Students for a Democratic Society
March 3, 2007


I was one of the soldiers tonight who rolled into Port of Tacoma. We were told to expect protesters and frankly, I was glad you were there.

I'm an old school punk rocker, and I'm not going to bore you with the details of my enlisting, but I'm totally against this war.

I'm glad most of your posters had support the troops against the war. Many soldiers are very young and impressionable and tend to follow the right wing view of things, but they are young. You'd be surprised how many soldiers don't believe in the war, though. I 'm going to do my time as it's better than working in the food industry or driving a cab, for now.

One thing I was happy about you guys being out there was that only a few of us from each section was there to drive our vehicles to the port. Come on now, what do you think I'd rather be doing on a Saturday night?!

Well, most of my leadership wasn't there but you guys were, so I'll buy you a beer.

Anyway, don't forget who is actually making the decisions here -- it's not the soldiers. General Dubik himself could have been there and he has less control over this war then you do.

I submit that your protests would be much more effective in front of the Governor's house or in front of your local congressmen's house. Soldiers only do what the citizen-controlled government tells them to do.

Any[way] keep freedom alive.