On Tuesday, Eli Pariser of MoveOn wrote to members soliciting contributions to publish an anti-Iran war ad in national newspapers.  --  "This time we see the warning signals, and we're organized to make a difference," he said.  --  See below for links to the ad and to a donation site.[1] ...


[From MoveOn, Feb. 27, 2007]

Dear MoveOn member,

In a news conference last weekend, Vice President Cheney inched closer to war with Iran.[1]

Does this feel like déjà vu to you? Experts agree that escalating the war into Iran will make things worse, and Congress has the constitutional power to stop the White House. But they need to hear from all of us that Americans don't want a widening war -- and we expect them to do something about it.

So, we've prepared an ad to send a simple clear message to Congress, and we need your help to make sure it gets into national newspapers. We need to act now before it's too late. Can you chip in? To see the ad and contribute, click here:




New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate, Bill Richardson, described the stakes this way:

"Saber-rattling is not a good way to get the Iranians to cooperate. But it is a good way to start a new war -- a war that would be a disaster for the Middle East, for the United States and for the world. A war that, furthermore, would destroy what little remains of U.S. credibility in the community of nations.

A better approach would be for the United States to engage directly with the Iranians and to lead a global diplomatic offensive to prevent them from building nuclear weapons."[2]

Over the last week, more than 175,000 of us have sent personal messages to Congress. And now we need to back that up with a public message that the American people won't tolerate more reckless behavior in the Persian Gulf.

Please help make sure this ad gets seen by millions of people -- and decision makers in Washington. You can add your voice by making a contribution at:


This time we see the warning signals, and we're organized to make a difference. As Governor Richardson closed his op-ed:

"This is no time for chest-beating and dangerous brinkmanship. It is time for alliance-building, direct engagement, and tough face-to-face negotiations. For the United States to attack Iran without exhausting all diplomatic options would be a terrible mistake."[3]

Thanks for all you do.

–Eli, Ilyse, Karin, Jenn and the MoveOn.org Political Action Team

P.S. The Times of London reported on Sunday that some of our senior military commanders are ready to resign if the White House goes into Iran. This is unprecedented and shows how divisive this administration is.[4]


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