In this nine-minute YouTube video of a scathing response by George Galloway to a January 2007 parliamentary speech by British foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, the member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow surveys the political scene in the Middle East.[1]  --  After remarks on Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Iraq, Galloway warns of planning for war on Iran:  “[The foreign secretary] preferr[ed] instead the formulation that ‘no one is contemplating’ it.  But they are contemplating it.  Israel has a war plan carefully worked out to do it.  American generals, as we know from the journalism of Seymour Hersh . . . have to the nth degree worked out an attack upon Iran.  She says that we stand by our soldiers. . . . But let me invite the House to contemplate this — and see if I’m as right about this as I was about Iraq four years ago.  If a finger is raised against Iran by Israel or the United States, the first people to pay the price will be the 7,000 young men and women of the British armed forces that we have stationed in the south of Iraq, where Iran, thanks to us, is now top dog.  You want to know that will look like?  Think about the film “Zulu,” but without the happy ending.  That’s how irresponsible our government is.  They’re part of an axis which is contemplating a war against a country we have made powerful in a place where we have our soldiers standing in a thin red line in the sand.  Madame Deputy Speaker, for the moment the trial of Tony Blair merely takes place on Channel Four television.  The day is will come, and it’s coming soon, when a real trial of Tony Blair will take place in a real court of law.” ...



January 2007