Eleven-year-old Alborz Yazi, an Iranian-American in the 5th grade, asked his mother:  "What if Iran is hit with nukes?"  --  She suggested that he write to the U.S. president.  --  The web site Iranian.com posted his letter.[1] ...


By Alborz Yazdi

** I ask President Bush now; please do not attack Iran with any sort of weapon **

May 25, 2006

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President George W. Bush,

When I first though of the idea, it did not scare me, for as any person would think, “it would never happen to me . . .” But while eating lunch today, the reality of this matter struck me in the face.

I am an eleven-year-old Iranian-American boy in the 5th grade. In a few days, I will be leaving my home on vacation to Iran for the first time with my mother and sister. Yes, Iran, the country causing a new controversy throughout the world. Throughout the midst of the Iranian nuclear crisis, the question has pondered in the minds of many: Will they strike Iran? In my head this blur of terror and fear has inquired me too. And the most terrible idea is if it is hit with nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

As I was talking with my mother today, I asked her “What if Iran is hit with nukes?” My mother told me to write to you. So now I ask you Mr. President: What would happen? What if we would be blown into ashes or thrown up into the mushroom cloud as more burning radioactive dust? But what if we survived? What if we were out of the area but the radioactive fallout corrupted our bodies leaving us with a deadly form of cancer? What if the severe burns scarred our skin? What if we were close enough for the radiation to only give up 24 hours, swelling our brains till there was just no space? What if we died?

This is the fear that we have had in the few days of deciding to go on a vacation and actually enjoy.

Though Iran has been uncooperative with the United Nations and is under suspicion of nuclear weapons production, the people do not deserve such a horror. All people of the world are equal, well that’s how it is in my book and I hope it is the same in yours.

Maybe some approve of attacking Iran, but was it not also in WWII for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki? If it happens, like Iraq, it may be regretted. And the city will still, for millions of years, pursue the radioactive fallout and be a central pinpoint of diseases such as the bombarded cities in Japan are now, but worse.

I ask you now; please do not attack Iran with any sort of weapon, whatever it should be, please don’t so I and millions of others will not lose lives, and so we can all live in peace.


Alborz Yazdi