The montage of news photos presented on the first link below was prepared by the web site, and shows how Cindy Sheehan and her supporters have besieged the president and his advisors in Crawford....
August 13, 2005

A writes:

To add data to the Bush ranch latest eyeball, a visual of "Camp Casey" (31.5603N, 97.5175W) from the sky may be pinned from the link below.  That land triangle is disputed and the camp is not allowed to use it for now.,+97.5175W&ll=31.560756,-97.518071&spn=0.012437,0.018693&t=k&hl=en

This may sound blunt, but should all the 1,847 Mil-spec "[body] transfer cases" be lined up end-to-end, they would be 2.57 miles long, leading straight from Camp Casey across Bush's prickly, bullshit-filled wasteland, right through his Ranch House (31.5824N, 97.5437W) front door and fill up his living room with the "Rodeo" portrait on the wall.

Should those aluminum coffins be stacked up, they would be taller than five new Washington Monuments stabbed into the White House lawn.


Eyeball of the Bush ranch: