On Tuesday, National Journal reproduced an internal White House list of staff salaries for more than 400 persons, showing that Karl Rove's annual salary was recently raised to $161,000....

By Alexis Simendinger

National Journal
July 26, 2005


The top pay rate at the White House for senior aides like Chief of Staff Andy Card and Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove is now $161,000, according to an internal White House list of staff salaries compiled as of July 1.

The White House is required to send the salary list to Congress annually. At the lowest end of the pecking order, some young staff assistants and correspondence helpers earn just $30,000 for the honor of sitting on the fringes of history and near the corridors of power. The White House exercises its discretion to organize President Bush's staff and compensate aides based on rank, as described by job titles, and within overall budget limits for the Executive Office of the President.

Last year, all "assistants to the president" earned $157,000, which means the pay rates for the 19 who are currently in the top tier of White House public service barely kept pace with inflation. The salary list, which appears below arranged alphabetically and by dollar ranking, includes several individuals who left the White House for other agencies or private-sector jobs in recent weeks.

Employees on loan to the White House from their home agencies are designated with (Detailee) after their title; the vice president's office may have detailees that are not included. The salary list does not include White House residence employees, or the more than 30 staff members in the Office of the Vice President who collectively earn around $2 million in compensation from the U.S. Senate by virtue of the vice presidentÂ’s role as Senate president. By law, President Bush's pay is $400,000.

The table below is sorted by salary.

[See the link above for the salary table; the salaries listed for the 400-odd individuals total $26,123,333. --H.A.]