"The Great Unraveling; Losing Our Way In The New Century" by Paul Krugman, Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times.†
†††† I heard Paul Krugman interviewed on Weekday on Seattle's KUOW radio.† I was a chorus of, "Oh yeah!† That's the way it is brother!† Oh, yeah!† Right on dude!" while listening to this man.† Here's some quotes from the back of the book:
"Paul Krugman makes the case, unrestrained by deference, that a revolutionary right-wing movement is out to transform the United States--and is succeeding, rolling over a supine press and political opposition." - Anthony Lewis

"You need to read this book, and when you do, you'll find there's only one possible response:† it's time to get mad, formost of the media are in denial about how far the takeover of this country by the radical right as already progressed." - Molly Ivins