Speaking on FOX Business Network, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said in early April:  "Why do we have to spend so much on defense? . . .  We have been practicing terrorism for fifty years. . . . We've been doing terrorism all over the place but we call it 'foreign policy.' . . . I'm giving you a veteran who's been there . . . You notice it's us veterans who the least want to go to war, because we've been there."[1]  --  Ventura's American Conspiracies (Skyhorse, 2010) is now #10 on the New York Times bestseller list....



Fox Nation
April 12, 2010


Former Minnesota Governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura has a recent history of making controversial declarations publicly (he has a show now called "Conspiracy Theory").

In an interview with Fox Business Network’s Eric Bolling, that streak continued -- as he threw around words like “coward.”

It began as a talk about health care but quickly moved to a discussion of nuclear weapons.  “How many times do we need to blow up the world?” asked Ventura.  “How much power do we need from nuclear bombs?”

After a few backs-and-forth, Bolling said, “Maybe the kids that we send over to Afghanistan, Pakistan, God forbid Iran, won’t have to go because we do have a nuclear weapon and we’re willing to use it.”  Ventura wasn’t biting, instead arguing against the Iraq War, defense spending and more.  Then he took it there.  “We have been practicing terrorism for 50 years only we call it foreign policy,” he said.

As the interview got more headed, it led to this exchange:

Ventura: You’re giving me a hypothetical situation.
Bolling: You’re giving me a speculative…
Ventura: I’m giving you a veteran who’s been there, not a coward who hasn’t been.