As this commentary shows, impatience is growing among the people.  --  Who believes that George W. Bush is capable of making wise decisions about anything at all?  --  “We have to stop covering it up or pretending that George Bush is able to make even the most simple decisions about anything at all.  And yet, we all sit back and await his great revelations.  It’s beyond stupid.” ...


Jesse’s Blog

By Jesse Richard
December 13, 2006

(CAUTION: Use of adult, yet appropriate language ahead!)

There is an episode in the old TV series "M.A.S.H.” in which Col. Potter decided to allow the medical unit in Korea to celebrate Boxing Day by having the officers switch roles with the enlisted personnel. Klinger, the comic character, became the commanding officer. For those of you who have seen “M.A.S.H.” know that the sheer thought of Klinger being a commander of the 4077th is laughable, -- but keep in mind that he was only the commander for one day . . . and “M.A.S.H.” is only a TV show.

Every day I wake up and realize we are living in just such an episode, but it is not for only one day. Every day, I watch people, real people, so called journalists, politicians and supposedly informed adults, who sit around waiting for George W. Bush to tell us what must be done in Iraq. Every day, soldiers are waiting for orders -- from their buffoon of a CIC -- about whom to kill, how to kill, and how to die! And let me say this as an avid watcher of “M.A.S.H.” re-runs and a full time monitor of world events: I know Maxwell Klinger and George W. Bush is no Maxwell Klinger! George W. Bush is unquestionably the most intellectually limited public figure in the U.S. next to Paris Hilton, and tragically, he is in charge of our military!

To back up my assertions about the intellectually inert George W. Bush, I decalre an open challenge to publicly debate him on any subject related to world affairs or any discussion that measures logic, honesty, or integrity!

Are we all out of our fucking minds? Are we really allowing one of the most stupid, uninformed people on the planet to make life and death decisions for our world? This guy could not pass a grade school history or science exam and we are letting him make decisions with consequences that affect the entire globe? Are we fucking crazy?

And no, I’m not about to mince words or worry about using polite language. This is too serious and too scary. There is no longer any question about the intellectual limitations of this President. We have to stop covering it up or pretending that George Bush is able to make even the most simple decisions about anything at all. And yet, we all sit back and await his great revelations. It’s beyond stupid.

How long is this nightmare going to continue? I wake up each day thinking that I was just having a bad dream; one so ridiculous that I would be embarrassed to tell anyone about it. But it is real! I live in a world that is standing by silently and allowing an absolute imbecile rule us!

Now we are waiting for this idiot to make decisions about how to handle a war that he started based on 100% lies (not bad intelligence . . . cherry-picked intelligence)! Hey America . . . WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DISASTER! PEOPLE ARE DYING EVERY SINGLE DAY BECAUSE OF THIS ABSOLUTE JACKASS!

This post will undoubtedly give me a permanent place on some government watch list and might even end in my arrest for saying it as it is. But, that may be the price of trying to save this nation and the world. It is really time to remove Bush and Cheney, one way or another. In fact, it’s probably time for a revolution! Think about it!